Afro Teen Innovation Challenge 2024®


By applying, you join a community committed to making a difference.
Follow these guidelines to ensure your application is complete and stands out.

about the challenge

Welcome to the Afro Teen Tech4Climate Action Innovation Challenge! This initiative seeks to empower young innovators across Ghana and Nigeria to use technology for climate action. By applying, you join a community committed to making a difference. Follow these guidelines to ensure your application is complete and stands out.


  • Open to students in Years 9-12, currently enrolled in a secondary school in Ghana or Nigeria.
  •   Applicants must reside in either Ghana or Nigeria.

Application preparation

This challenge is more than a competition; it’s a call to action for students to apply their creativity, passion, and innovation towards developing sustainable solutions that address critical environmental issues, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Project Proposal Requirements

Concept and Innovation
  • Title and Summary:
    •  A concise title and a summary that captures the essence of your project.
  • Problem Statement: 
    • Clearly define the climate or environmental issue your project addresses.
    • Clearly define the environmental or climate challenge your project addresses.
  • Innovative Solution:
    • Demonstrate the innovation and uniqueness of your solution.
    • Describe your proposed solution, emphasising its innovative aspects and how 
Scalability and Impact
  • Explain how your project can be scaled or adapted to different contexts, highlighting the potential for broader impact.
  • Explain how your project can be scaled up or replicated for a broader impact.
  • Discuss the potential environmental impact and how it contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Discuss the expected impact of your project and its alignment with specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Budget and Startup Stage
  • Present a detailed budget showing how the initial $500 funding will be used to reach the startup stage of your project.
  • Outline how the $500 grant will be utilised to achieve the startup stage, including a detailed budget and timeline.
  • Your budget should include all necessary materials, resources, and activities to launch your project.

Outline the feasibility of your project, including technical requirements, timeframes, and potential challenges.

Video Pitch Guidelines

  • Introduce yourself and your team (if applicable).
  • Present your project idea, the problem it solves, and your proposed solution.
  • Highlight the innovation, potential impact, and how it will reach the startup stage with the initial funding.
  • Introduce your team, the problem you’re addressing, your innovative solution, its scalability, and the impact on climate action. Show your passion and the potential of your idea.
  • Explain the scalability of your project.
Technical Requirements
  • The video must be filmed in landscape orientation.


At most, 3 minutes.

Ensure audio and visual quality; speak clearly and position yourself in good lighting.

Uploading and Sharing
  • Upload your video to YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok Shorts.
  • Tag Edufair Africa on all platforms to ensure your submission is noticed.
  • Include relevant hashtags provided by the challenge organisers to increase visibility #edufairafrica #edufairafricastudytour #afroteentech4climate #tech4climate #afroteeninnovationchallenge

Application Submission Process

Application Open

Sunday, March 31st, 2024

Nomination Deadline

Friday, May 31st, 2024

Online Application Form:

  • Access and fill out the detailed online application form on the challenge website.
  • Include all necessary information about your project and personal details for communication.


  • Inform your school about your participation. A nomination request will be sent to your school’s counsellor or principal for endorsement.
  • Ensure your school submits the required endorsement on time to complete your application process.

Checklist Before Submission:

  • The project proposal document was prepared according to the guidelines.
  • A video pitch was created, uploaded, and shared as specified.
  • Completed online application form with all sections filled accurately.
  • School nomination confirmed.


Initial Review

Project Implementation

Final Defense

Video Call Interviews

Grand Finale

Applications are independently and blindly reviewed by six judges. Criteria include innovation, impact potential, feasibility, and alignment with SDGs. The top 20 finalists are chosen based on average scores.

The top 20 finalists receive $500 to implement their projects in partnership with our organisation.

Finalists submit project outcomes and defend their projects based on awareness, effectiveness, scalability, and sustainability criteria.

A six-member panel interviews the top 20 finalists to select the top 5 Winners.

The top 5 winners present their experiences and lessons in a 5-minute speech, followed by the award ceremony.

Final remarks

Take your time to prepare a compelling application that showcases your innovative solution and its potential impact. Be clear, concise, and creative in your written proposal and video pitch. We look forward to seeing how your ideas can contribute to a sustainable future.

Your work is your own. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, you will retain the rights to any intellectual property surrounding your idea.

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