We are the agents of
innovative transformation of
African student recruitment.

We are a leading educational consultancy in Africa, expertly aiding affluent
African students in securing placements at prestigious global schools and universities.

What sets us apart

As the Director of Talent, Academics & Education Consult (TAEC) Africa, based in Lagos, I am deeply invested in facilitating access for West African students to premier global educational institutions. Our efforts have successfully secured over $8 million in scholarships and financial aid, thanks to a comprehensive suite of services spanning admissions guidance, scholarship assistance, and logistical support, including visa processing and settlement. 

Since founding TAEC in 2018/19 and formalizing our operations in 2021, we have achieved recognition as a trusted partner in international education, highlighted by our ICEF certification in 2023. Our portfolio of initiatives includes hosting 2 Virtual Fairs, over 25 Webinars, more than 30 School Visits, and several Study Tours. These efforts underscore our commitment to connecting students with esteemed boarding schools, sixth-form colleges, and universities around the globe.

A key element of our success is our active network of over 4000+ parents, which continues to grow. This vibrant community is instrumental in fostering close relationships and ensuring that we stay attuned to the needs and aspirations of both students and their families. Our deep understanding of these needs, coupled with our knowledge of the requirements of foreign educational institutions, positions TAEC as a pivotal bridge in this dynamic educational exchange, ensuring fruitful partnerships and enhancing global educational opportunities.

Values we stand by

Expertise & Integrity

Using our in-depth knowledge and experience of the overseas boarding school system, we maintain ethical standards and transparency in all dealings with families and schools. We are continuously seeking ways to enhance our services and support by researching, understanding and respecting the cultural differences of families and students

Collaborative and student-centred approach

We work closely with families, schools, and other stakeholders to identify the needs and interests of the students in order to provide customised support and guidance to families throughout the placement process to ensure successful placements.


Who you'll work with

Adeola Juba

Int'l Student Recruitment Specialist

Meet Me

I am Adeola Juba, a British Council Certified Agent with a passion for education, a dedication to excellence and a background in Public Administration, coupled with certifications in Management and Leadership. I am currently leveraging my expertise as an International Student Conversion, Recruitment & Placement Specialist at TAEConsult.

Yinka Adesanya

Int'l Student Recruitment Specialist

Meet Me

I am a highly dynamic individual who believes that all success is achieved through a process of self-discovery. And always looking out for ways to enhance my capabilities and develop in the working environment by putting into practice the acquired knowledge in real-life scenarios.

Bami Odumade

Marketing Assistant

Meet Me

I'm a British Council certified agent and currently serve as the Marketing Assistant, I'm passionate about opening doors for talented students to seize opportunities around the world. With skills in UI/UX Design and Digital Marketing, I'm on a mission to blend professionalism with approachability. Balancing seriousness with goofiness, I explore the world through travel, books, music, and gaming, always hungry for new experiences. Through humor, intelligence, and charm.

Roland Emokidi

Event & Project Lead

Meet Me

As the Events & Projects Coordinator at taeconsult limited, I specialize in offering academic solutions as a certified agent/counselor by the British Council. When I'm not immersed in coordinating events, you'll often find me engrossed in console and mobile games, enjoying a stimulating game of Scrabble, or diving into the pages of a captivating book.

Faith Amos

Asst event lead

Meet Me

My role allows me to merge my passion for education with my entrepreneurial spirit, often finding myself involved in teaching and engaging with young minds. Recently, I've developed a strong passion for student recruitment and placement events, utilizing my background in construction project management and training in student recruitment Outside the office, I indulge in singing and spend valuable time with children.

Mary Amedu

Administrative officer

Meet Me

As the Administrative Officer at TAEC, I combine my passion for UI/UX design with a focus on user interfaces to create perfect study portfolios. My expertise in UI design enhances my ability to deliver exceptional educational materials. Outside of my administrative duties, I am deeply committed to education and nurturing young minds. When not at work, you can find me engaged in designing, writing, or losing myself in music.

Olaitan Olajobi

Marketing & Operations

Meet Me

Passionate about expanding horizons for brilliant African students, I'm a creative powerhouse. With a versatile skill set in Design, Content Creation, Media Buying, Meta Ads, WordPress Development, and mind mapping, I'm committed to unlocking opportunities. And when I'm not shaping futures, you'll catch me immersed in the world of anime or playing call of duty.

Timi Aluko


Meet Me

I specialize in guiding students to top sixth-form colleges and universities worldwide, focusing on admissions, scholarships, and financial aid. Proudly, I have secured over $8m+ for sixth-form and university students, demonstrating my skill in navigating global education complexities. Leisurely, I dive into the imaginative world of books, games, and movies. I play Genshin Impact, Call of Duty, and Souls. Chinese, Korean, Turkish, and Pakistani movies generally keep me hooked.
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