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We are a premier educational consultancy firm based in Africa.

We specialize in placing affluent African students in prestigious educational institutions abroad. We provide a full spectrum of support, from application processing to visa assistance and transition support, targeting high schools, boarding schools, sixth-form colleges, and universities worldwide.



We support brilliant, talented & affluent African students seeking placement in prestigious educational institutions abroad. We start from the basics whether you want to study in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Finland or anywhere else in the world. We will get you there.

Empowering African teens with global citizenship through comprehensive foreign education and scholarship support since 2018.

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We organize educational events such as School Visits, Study Tour, Edufairs, Info session, Webinars, IG live e.t.c. Join any of our programs for  comprehensive info on studying abroad.

The school visits during the Winter tour was quite interesting, and I'm pleased with the turnout and the quality of prospects. It's been a great opportunity to educate parents about what their children need in order to attend our university.

I'm really grateful to the school for opportunity to go talk to reps. It helps a lot cause I was planning on studying in the UK actually so this is a perfect opportunity. My preferred school from what I've seen so far is actually the MPW they offer A levels. I wanna use it as a gateway to go to the other schools

At BSE2023 organized by Edufair Africa, The quality of students I met were just the right ones and they already have an idea what they want and what to expect. In terms of the quality of parents and students, this is definitely a fair to participate in.

This fair showed me a variety of different places and universities and basically gave me an idea where I can go after Grenville School, so they got gave many options for schools but one of the major options that caught my eye was Trine College or Trine University in Indiana and I feel like it's very convenient and it really caught my eyes, so it was very helpful event.

EduFair Africa’s staff were very professional and attentive. They want to create the best possible environment for families and schools to connect.

TAEConsult is the best, i spoke worth one of their reps and they helped me expand my career journey, i gain more insight and broaden my view. They help students like me get access to quality international Schools.

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